Monday, 17 January 2022


 With our lives previously being busy outside is now become extremely busy just being inside our home as with the current state of work-life balance, cleaning our home has become a second priority on our list, as the office work seems never to end. 

Remember that you always don’t need to clean your house on one a single day, divide the house tasks for 2 to 3 days which makes it easy for you to handle in between the busy schedule and you would still have some time completely for yourself so here are 6 simple steps to keep your house clean: -

1.      The first and most important step is to create a schedule, so the everyday needs such as cooking and vessel washing needs to be done, making it the first priority and the trick here is here:-

       Follow a meal plan as it helps you to save a lot of time into thinking about what to eat for the next meal causing a lot of time to focus on other elements of your life.

       If you are not a fan of meal plans, then cook everything for the whole day in the morning itself, as it reduces vessel washing to once a day making it a less tedious task as I know all of us to hate cleaning vessels.


2.      The second step is to concentrate on the cleaning of the house that’s if you are living in a 2bhk apartment then you need to broom and mop your house cleaning services in Delhi at least once a week, so for that, you can section your house as the following: - 

       Kitchen, Hall, and walkway 

       2 bedrooms 

You can broom 3 days one each of the above areas as it would definitely take only 10-15    minutes wherein your small workout would be done with this. Mop the house once a day which will keep the house tidy and away from any infection by using a few drops of antiseptic. 

3.      The third step is to clean your washroom completely so do it by starting off with a water wash and then adding the detergent you have elevated electronic brushes available on amazon to do the cleaning and it does not require you to put any effort to stand and easily clean. 


4.      The fourth step is to do the laundry, this task might sound boring but trust me this is the easiest of all as you need to just wash your clothes for 2 days once. If you are a single individual then 4 days once.

       The primary step is to divide the clothes between color and white 

       The second is to add them to the washing machine and they will do the job. 

       The third thing is to dry them and I know folding is the most boring work but during your lengthy meeting where you are not presenting, remember to fold your clothes that’s the trick. 


5.      The 5th step is to clean the shelves of your house, I understand this is the least priority space that all of us aim toward cleaning but your house is an environment that you are being in for 24 hours these days and it would it give your more positive energy if its kept tidy. 

       Count the number of shelves space that you have in your house, you need just do two simple steps over here, remove the items from the shelves and clean them with a wet cloth (items which cannot be cleaned with a wet cloth clean it with a normal cloth) and clean the shelf with the wet cloth that’s It, your done. 

       Remember this needs to be once a month at least and the items that you don’t require anymore please throw-in. This will reduce the clutter at your home. 


6.      The 6th step is to clean the fans and air conditioners at your home should definitely be cleaned as it’s the air that you are breathing which needs to be pure and clean. Do it once a month by dusting and topping it off with a wet cloth. 


Now you may think this is not easy and I understand that saying anything in words is easy than actions but try to maintain a schedule and divide the work among yourselves if you are more than one person. If you cannot follow this then there are many service companies such as Nakoda Urban services that provides you a trustworthy cleaning service wherein, they deep clean your house and this should be done once every year. 

Cleaning services are great but it is not something that you cannot avail on a day-to-day basis so try to take up a few cleaning tasks on your day-to-day basis to make your life easier and keep your space cleaner. 

Friday, 19 November 2021

Places which are Considered

  When you clean your room, there are certain steps you need to follow. If you randomly start cleaning any of the places, it will certainly become a problem for you and increase your workload. You must create a house cleaning checklist to process the work efficiently. With the help of a checklist, you will be able to figure out how to clean house fast and easy. Here we have some things that you should follow as the first thing in the list of things to clean in a house. 

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Sunday, 15 August 2021

House Cleaning services by Nakoda Urban Services

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There's an idiom that a spotless house is an indication of a squandered life. While this will now not decisively be valid, it's unquestionably a fact that there are more significant and pleasant activities than stress over keeping your home clean! With all your different obligations, you should have the option to partake in your available energy however you see fit. Our Cleaning Services in Delhi contributions are intended to give you the tranquility of contemplations you merit and the time you need to delight in your ways of life and friends and family.




Our experts at The Cleaning Authority give exceptional private cleaning administrations to our esteemed clients, intended to keep your property putting its best self forward lasting through the year. We offer exceptional purging frequencies as indicated by your longings and decisions, alongside consistently, every fourteen days, every 3 weeks, at regular intervals, month to month, and incidental or once cleans.


You can rely upon us for careful house keeper benefits so you can partake in a perfect home without the issue of cleaning yourself. Our administrations guarantee you have additional time Ac Repair in Delhi with your friends and family and can zero in on the parts of your way of life that are more essential to you than cleaning. We can ensure that your house is the perfect, agreeable foundation to the remainder of your life.


  With our lives previously being busy outside is now become extremely busy just being inside our home as with the current state of work-lif...